"Ensuring the future prospects for migrant children, in Switzerland or elsewhere!"

The Alliance for the Rights of Migrant Children (ADEM) is a network of organizations and professionals ensuring the defense of the rights and interests of migrant children in Switzerland.

Through stronger collaboration between actors in the sector, the exchange and dissemination of information relating to migrant children and the strengthening of care practices, ADEM seeks to improve the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the child in Switzerland, and better future prospects for migrant children.

If you are a young migrant arrived in Switzerland without your parents, a section has been especially devoted to you. It contains information about your stay in Switzerland, your rights and responsibilities.

For ease of reading, the male gender is used on this website, which naturally includes the feminine gender.

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World Day against Trafficking in Persons

On World Day against trafficking in Person, it is important to remind that children are particularly vulnerable on migration routes.

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Edito Journée de l'enfant africain à pertinence ADEM - Evelyne Monnay

Journée de l'enfant africain 2018

La Journée de l’enfant africain est organisée chaque année depuis le 16 juin 1991 par l'Organisation de l'unité africaine, devenue Union africaine, en souvenir du massacre, le 16 juin 1976 et les jours qui suivirent, à Soweto en Afrique du Sud, de centaines d’enfants suite à une marche pour leurs droits.

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International Migrants Day

Refugee and migrant children are children above all else!

With so much discrimination, indifference and lack of solidarity towards refugees and migrants, the underlying causes of their situations are not easily solved.

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Final report based on the recommendations of the Committee on Children’s Rights

On the occasion of the International Day of Children’s Rights on 20th November, the Swiss network publishes the final report based on the recommendations of the Committee on Children’s Rights.

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Raising awareness about children's rights in an innovative way: ADEM mandates MIDE students.

The Alliance for the Rights of Migrant Children (ADEM) gave students enrolled in the Master in Children's Rights (MIDE) at the University of Geneva the opportunity to take part in an academic research project examining the ways in which unaccompanied minors access information in Switzerland.

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