Contact with my family

The departure from your native country towards Europe often implies separation with your family. Keeping in contact with relatives and trying to contact family in your native country are both a right, and a part of your private life.

Leaving your family

Migration of a child or youth can lead to a rupture with his/her family if they stay in the native country.  The reasons for rupture are many.  The most commons reasons to leave a native country and family are:

  • Political conflicts
  • Economic and social difficulties
  • Family problems
  • Lack of future prospectives

You situation is personal and unique. The factors listed may explain your departure but other reasons may exist.

Keeping or losing contact with family

Certain youth keep in contact with their families during their voyage to Europe. Others lose contact and have no news until arriving in Switzerland. Still others are afraid to talk about their past.

Renewing contact with family

It is important to know that you can, at any time, request aid to find and re-establish contact with your family. In Switzerland, the International Social Service as well as the Red Cross/Red Crescent (in French or German), have specialized services that can assist you with this procedure. Your guardian, educator or social worker can provide necessary information on this subject. Being able to reflect on and plan for the future often requires knowing where your family is and keeping in contact with them, if you wish.