5th ADEM Symposium on the theme of the harmonization of UAM care

The Alliance for the Rights of Migrant Children (ADEM) gathered federal and cantonal authorities, institutions and representatives of NGOs on 10 November in Berne on the theme of harmonizing the care of unaccompanied minors in Switzerland.
It was an opportunity to take stock of the recommendations made last spring by the Conference of Cantonal Directors of Social Affairs (CDAS).

Following a mapping exercise carried out by ISS Switzerland for the ADEM, the first trends still show many shortcomings in the care of these young people. The majority of them have housing and are in school, but smaller reception facilities, reception classes in certain cantons, as well as supervision and individual follow-up are lacking.

The pilot project of the Confederation presented yesterday by David Keller, responsible for the Center of Registration and Procedure of the Secretariat of State for Migration, is in line with the requirements formulated by the CDAS. It aims to ensure harmonized care in all cantons by October 2019. The Confederation is expected to validate this project next spring after a phase of testing and evaluation.

The meeting allowed organizations such as the UNHCR, the Swiss Red Cross or Speak Out! to present the positive effects of the CDAS recommendations in their daily work with UAMs. At a cantonal level, Federico Bettini, head of the Insieme home in Lugano, noted the need to work closely at all levels and the effectiveness of the network set up with respect for the rights of migrant children.

Next year, the 20th anniversary of the ratification of the CRC by Switzerland will be celebrated. ADEM is continuing its work and will take the opportunity to show the progress made in our country so that the needs of every child on our territory are fully taken into account.