My Asylum Request

Every child or adult, threatened or persecuted in their native country can request asylum. There are, subsequently, criteria in international law defining who has the right to international protection.

An asylum request involves numerous administrative steps. You have the right to be assisted in these steps by an adult knowledgeable with Swiss laws, notably your authorized representative, guardian or trustee. In Switzerland an asylum request follows these procedures:

  • Asylum request: You can submit your asylum request upon arrival, orally or in writing, at the border, airport or directly at a registration and procedure centre (CEP) where asylum seekers stay upon arrival. 
  • First audition: You will be questioned a first time about the itinerary from your native country and the motives behind your asylum request. 
  • Transfer to a Swiss canton: You are then transferred to a canton where you will live during the asylum procedure.
  • Audition on asylum motives: You will be questioned by the State Secretariat on Migration (SEM) about the reasons for leaving your native country and seeking protection from Switzerland.
  • Asylum decision: The SEM will examine your request. Switzerland will then accord asylum or refuse your request.

These procedures may take time. While waiting:

  • You will live in a Swiss canton and in a location that takes into cosnsideration your specific needs.
  • You will be accompanied by your guardian or trustee who is responsible for you and can provide council.
  • You can take language courses if the language spoken in your canton is not your mother tongue.
  • You can go to school if your age permits.

A special procedure is followed for children and youth victims of human trafficking, meaning, those who are forced into the service of others who profit from them. More information on this subject under chapter “Children and youth victims of trafficking”.