Return to my country

Why must I leave Switzerland?

During your journey as a young migrant, it is possible that you will have to leave Switzerland. Different reasons can explain this:

  • You received a negative asylum decision and / or a negative decision by the Federal Administrative Court (TAF) after appealing against the negative asylum decision
  • You received a decision of dismissal
  • You were given temporary admission (F permit), but this was not renewed
  • You do not have residency papers in Switzerland and you have to leave the country
  • You decided on your own to leave Switzerland

It is very important that you discuss your new situation with your representative or legal representative. We also encourage you to share with the people around you the possibilities for your near future.

My future?

You must or are going to leave Switzerland and find yourself faced with many questions about your future. People and services can help you find a solution tailored to your situation. It is very important for you to discuss this subject with your guardian, your social worker or your teacher so that they assist you in your efforts.

Return assistance services

Service exist in every canton that provide support to anyone who wishes to return to his country of origin. The aim of these services is to assist you in preparing a return to your home country (if possible), or in another country. On the basis of a dialogue to clarify your situation, these services may support reintegration measures. These can take various forms and aim to:

  • Evaluate your personal situation and the situation of your country
  • Facilitate the return to your family if possible
  • Develop a concrete reintegration project (training or professional integration)
  • To connect you with a support person on site
  • Ensure a follow-up on your situation