Right to health

"All children and young unaccompanied minors in the area of asylum are subject to compulsory health insurance and must be covered by insurance for medical care. The MNA required to leave the country should be provided regarding the care and they have the right to access the catalog care provided by the basic insurance.

The offer regarding psychological or psychiatric support should also be sought if necessary. Children and youth traumatized by their experience of the leak should be given special attention in this regard."

Recommendations of the CDAS on children and unaccompanied youth in the field of asylum, 2016

At European level, see the recommendations of the Children's Programme separated in Europe (SCEP): Statement of good practice, 2010

Health care access

States are obliged to ensure that young asylum seekers or undocumented migrants have access to health care. To ensure this, it should take into account the special situation and vulnerabilities specific to these youths. To varying degrees, they may have suffered a loss, abandonment, trauma, disruption or violence and suffer from being separated from their families. The psychological health of children separated thus constitutes an essential dimension of their medical care.

When a young person is subject to a non-entry in or a negative decision, fear of arrest can prevent treatment. It is therefore necessary to pay close attention to youth health in vulnerable situations.

Care networks

Some cantons have set up a health network to improve access to medical and psychological care of vulnerable young migrants. These networks facilitate contact with health professionals and monitoring of youth.